Silversmithing and Commissions

Having taught myself some basic silversmithing skills at University I have now brushed up on my technique and learnt a lot over the last few years, my first pieces were the stone hammered bowls above. With thanks to Ndidi Ekubia’s latest workshop on raising I am extending my silversmithing range and will be adding pieces here over the coming months!

I also frequently get asked to do commissions. Usually wedding bands, which I love doing, and sometimes reworking old pieces of family jewellery into more contemporary wearable pieces. This is very much a two way process with the client and we work together to come up with a design. The above wedding rings, for Nick and Annie, is an example of this. The gold band is made from some of Annie’s old family jewellery, melted down then cast into a rod which has been forged into a band. I then forged a thinner strip from the remaining material and soldered this to the gold band and added granulated gold that Nick had spent months panning for himself. As Nick wanted a silver band I thought it would be a nice idea to use a thin band of Annie’s remaining recycled family gold on his ring, this tied the designs together as acted as a lovely symbol of their marriage.

If you would like to enquire about commissioning a piece of silverware or jewellery then get in touch via my Contact page.

Silver jewellery and silversmithing in the north west highlands of scotland