A view on colour (or color)

Well, its been a while, hasn’t it…

Just read one of my last post, so much for full time jeweller! I once again stumbled on the bookshop job this summer, which I do enjoy, but it does take time away from what I love. The bookshop job is something I could easily do, even as a full time job, you get read about reading, what could be more fun than that?! That is said in all seriousness from a kid who spent her childhood escaping into books, and by escaping I mean literally throwing myself into them, ultimate escapism, everything imagined in bright bold 3D, just as if I was there. Makes for a slow reader of course, but worth rereading a line as many times as is needed to get the picture just right. I still refer to radio dramas as “watching a play” much to my husbands amusement, him reminding me that we were only listening to it really. It can be a dangerous job for someone who likes books, I get to personally click and pre order all the books I want. In hardback. Which can be costly considering its only a part time job of often only 7 hours a week. Luckily there were only a couple out this summer that I’d been waiting on, The Bone Clocks and Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage.  That last one got me thinking, actually I’d been thinking this for a while but sometimes you need a nudge just to let you know its ok to think it, do I need colour?

My idea of a varying coloursIMG_0017

The last time I worked in colour with jewellery it was slightly garish, as my sister delights in reminding me, there also exists a rather fantastically florescent life painting of mine in oils, yes “florescent” and “oils”. Not a wise experiment. So I tend to go a bit OTT, like someone applying their own makeup for the first time, maybe I just get a bit too excited by it all and let that imagination run away with itself. I don’t do feature walls.

I’ve tried designing in colour, choosing a palette, thats the biggest hurdle, maybe my struggle with colour is actually because I like it too much? Or maybe because I just can’t choose, I have no particular connection with any one colour, I don’t have a favourite, no theme in my wardrobe, scheme in my house, actually it all seems rather random. There is one colour that ties everything together though, not so much a colour as a material, wood, maybe thats more important, choosing the material over the colour. The wood for its properties and origin. I could give you a guided tour of our house and show you the pieces of Lawson’s Cyprus from our garden that make up the stairs, the Sycamore floor from the Scottish Borders,  the Douglas Fir beams from the forest surrounding us. Maybe I need to get over this material property over design and mess about with some colour, get practicing, immerse myself in it for a while and see what happens, at least I always have my sister to rely on for honest feedback. So maybe I don’t “need” colour I guess but it’d be fun to have a play, lets just hope I don’t have a repeat of the florescent oils episode and let my imagination run off again.

I’m really not sure how this one will go, it could be a mistake, it could be just that I’ve seen too many Christmas decorations already or been influenced by the recent excitement of Painting House Door and Painting Studio Desk DIY tasks. Who knows. It’ll probably pass as quickly as it came and I’ll be left in the peace and calm of silver and Stone-hammered silver, with hints of gold. For now its back to full time, as the summer job is well and truly over, with a long list of distractions including an exciting project to help coordinate in my role on the board of Applied Arts Scotland and charity work as chair of Isle Martin Trust.

Another example of my appreciation for subtle natural colours!

Wheaten Maran, Scots Grey, RIR and hybrid eggs